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When we were in the early stages of setting up Litebike we wrote down some thoughts on who we wanted to be. Here's what we sketched in our notebook at the time. It serves as a useful reminder not just for who we are but where we are going. 

What’s Litebike about?


Go back to basics on what cycling means. Beating records. Setting PBs. Getting outside and connecting. Exploring in nature. Making friends and spending time with the people we love.


We care about our customers. We care about the cycling community.


We care about lightweight. We care about great design and top quality materials and engineering. We keep things simple.


We are about designing and manufacturing the very best parts at affordable prices. We are not about endless choice. On balance we think too much choice is a bad thing.


Anything worth it ain’t easy. 


We will build a community from scratch. It won’t happen overnight but we will be persistent and patient. We will form good habits. We will water it.


We won’t rush though.

Our newsletter builds our community. Not too much. Not too little.

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