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Round v aero carbon handlebars - which ones to pick?

We have a go at settling the debate over our morning coffee..

round v aero carbon handlebars coffee talk with Litebike

What to go for?

We love a debate like this. It’s one for the coffee stop.

Scanning the Weightweenies forum it looks like other cyclists do too.

Funny enough we had to answer this question ourselves recently when deciding what design best suited our needs for the Litebike x Pro superlight carbon handlebars.

Round v aero handlebars?

There’s a lot to be said for aero handlebars.

Many aero bars claim saving around 8 watts.

That’s a huge amount if you do the “aero maths”.

Though sometimes you’ve got to be careful with the marketing. Is that with or without a rider? ;)

We went round in the end.

We think comfort matters. On longer rides (50km+) round carbon handlebars are noticeably more comfortable.

We think lightweight and narrow does the trick. Instead of aero handlebars, opt for lightweight ones and reduce drag with a slightly narrower width.

We think we can get the best of both worlds.

The Litebike x Pro superlight carbon handlebars are rounded.

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