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Real-world testing: TPU inner tube review

Ever since we started building bikes, we’ve been dedicated to exploring innovative solutions in cycling that help elevate cycling experiences. In the category of real innovation, few stand out more than the Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) inner tube. Its emergence is a game-changer. TPU inner tubes are dislodging the recent prominence of tubeless because of its ease of use, lightness and the performance enhancement they offer.

We've been gathering insights from avid cyclists who have started using TPU inner tubes to uncover experience and understand the impact the tubes have had on their cycling experience.

Full scores on TPU’s durability

John, a cyclist from Cumbria, switched to TPU inner tubes over a year ago. He likes negotiating different terrains and enduring long rides on his cream Cervelo.

He told us he was unsure when he took the plunge. "I've gotta hand it to these TPU tubes—they've been rock solid. From rough trails to unexpected encounters with debris, these babies have been champs. Not a single puncture or wear issue worth mentioning, and believe me, I've put them through some serious miles. This reliability? It's like an extra layer of confidence boosting my cycling game to a whole new level."

Emily, a competitive cyclist from Bristol, echoed similar sentiments, stating, "I was pleasantly surprised by the durability of TPU inner tubes. Through demanding training and races, they've demonstrated outstanding resilience, offering a level of reliability crucial for pushing boundaries."

Unmatched efficiency of TPU tubes 

John said, "You wouldn't think shedding a few grams could make such a difference, but let me tell you, it's been a game-changer. Climbing feels less like a struggle now; these tubes definitely lighten the load. And the best part? I was worried about durability, but no issues there! Plus, the ride's just smoother overall—less resistance, more speed. I'm definitely feeling the difference in every pedal stroke."

Emily added, "The performance gains with TPU tubes were evident across various riding scenarios, especially during high-intensity moments like sprints and accelerations. The lightweight nature significantly contributed to increased efficiency without sacrificing control."

Easy to use: TPU inner tubes vs alternatives

On this front, TPU inner tubes seem to be striking the balance between performance and user-friendliness. While tubeless set ups have their merits, TPU inner tubes are much easier to set up and ongoing maintenance is minimal. 

Many cyclists we spoke to told us they thought the initial setup of tubeless systems was messy and time-consuming, but they underestimated the ongoing maintenance involved. Regularly replenishing sealants and dealing with the aftermath of resealing after substantial punctures can be more intricate than anticipated. All not required with a TPU inner tube set up. While tire plugs may sometimes mend minor punctures during rides, larger ones may necessitate a spare inner tube for a safe return home.

For cyclists seeking an edge in performance, TPU inner tubes are a compelling choice. The blend of reduced weight, enhanced durability, and improved performance is defining a new standard in cycling technology. We think TPU inner tubes are the best in class choice.

For more information on TPU inner tubes and other cutting-edge bike parts, check out our product range.


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