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Our lightest alloy stem - we give the UNO Kalloy stem a performance upgrade

Introducing the UNO Kalloy x Litebike stealth stem 90g.

We take lightweight alloy stems to a whole new level.

UNO Kalloy lightest alloy stem

We love the UNO Kalloy stem. Usually life is about compromise. In cycling this compromise is typically between one of three things: lightweight, strong and affordable.

Want a lightweight alloy stem that is also strong? Okay, you’ll need to pay a high price. Want a lightweight alloy stem that is affordable? Sure, but you’re compromising on strength.

Not true with the UNO Kalloy stem. As we’ve written before, it’s one of those holy grail upgrades that smashes it out the park on all three. It strikes the perfect balance between being one of the lightest alloy stems on the market at just 104g for the 100mm, is incredibly strong and won’t break the bank.

We’re excited to introduce the Litebike remake that takes the UNO Kalloy stem to a whole new level. The Litebike x UNO Kalloy stem is our lightest alloy stem. In fact at 90g it’s feather light and just as strong and durable as ever.

Over the past few months we’ve been testing out lightweight bolts. There are lots of options out there! But after some trial and error, we’ve chosen to partner with a small premium manufacturer producing a stunning corrosion-resistant titanium bolt in gold, silver and oil slick.

Upgrading to titanium bolts has helped save 14g in weight, making our Litebike version of the UNO Kalloy stem lighter than most carbon options and one of the lightest alloy stems on the market.

Check it out.


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