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Light bike build for Weight Weenies: our top lightweight bike components

A short guide for Weight Weenies on upgrading to ultra lightweight bike parts. How to kick-start a lightweight bike build.

Hey there! 

Lukas and I regularly get asked by other cyclists what the easiest way is to reduce weight on a bike and get a performance edge. Most often the requests come in from people who have already upgraded to a pair of carbon wheels and want to know where to go next. Fear not. We’ve put together this short guide for fellow Weight Weenies in search of gram-shredding upgrades for their road bike and where to get the best bang for buck.

Why upgrade to lightweight bike components?

For serious cyclists, every gram saved can potentially make a difference, especially in races or competitive scenarios where small advantages matter. The Weight Weenie philosophy is that less is more, backed by studies that show that a lightweight bike is faster and handles better:

  • Improved speed. Studies from aerodynamic specialists consistently show a profound impact of reduced bike weight on speed. Upgrading to lighter bike components saves weight and reduces the force needed to propel your bike forward. This means you can accelerate quicker and sustain higher speeds with less energy expenditure. 

  • Better bike handling. It’s not just about speed, it’s also about control. The research carried out by manufacturers shows how reduced bike weight improves overall handling. Lighter bikes respond quicker to your input, like shifting the weight of your body, which makes turns effortless and climbs easier and more efficient.

  • More comfortable. Upgrading will often mean replacing an alloy part with carbon fibre. There is plenty of research out there (see e.g. Zhong Yan et al,  2019) on the damping properties of carbon fibre. 

Weight Weenies lightweight bike components

Lukas's lightweight custom bike build. Learn about how we built a custom bike from scratch here.

What are the best Weight Weenie upgrades?

Litebike lightweight carbon seatpost 27.2

Build a seatpost out of carbon and you’ve got the perfect bike component for soaking up noise vibrations from the road making your ride smoother and more comfortable. And we all know this is what counts over longer distances. If you’re trying to cycle your first 100km, 200km or even planning to tour over a couple of days, a lightweight carbon seatpost will make a big difference.

Our Mach ^2 carbon seatpost 27.2 is engineered from high-grade carbon fibre. It’s a perfectly balanced blend of lightweight and tough, whilst retaining just the right amount of compliance to keep you fresh on the toughest rides.

“Carbon seatposts are not cheap, however after two x 3 hour rides I would certainly say the Litebike post is great value for money.” - David

Still unsure? Check out our in depth guide on whether to upgrade to a lightweight carbon seatpost. > link here.

Litebike superlight carbon handlebars

Introducing the Litebike x Pro superlight carbon handlebars. The ultimate handlebars for cyclists looking for optimal performance and comfort. These handlebars are engineered to provide an exceptional riding experience, whether you're participating in endurance events or simply enjoying your daily ride.


Crafted from high-grade carbon fibre - the Litebike x Pro balances lightweight design with remarkable durability. The advanced carbon fiber composition ensures outstanding stiffness, offering you precise control and responsiveness, enhancing your overall riding performance.

Read our behind the scenes on how carbon handlebars are created. > Link here.

UNO Kalloy stem review

Introducing the UNO Kalloy x Litebike stem. 


When it comes to lightweight bike stems the UNO Kalloy is the undisputed holy grail and a Weight Weenies classic. Light, strong and affordable. It’s one of those rare products where Keith Bontrager’s famous aphorism: “Strong. Light. Cheap. Pick two.” doesn’t apply.

The first thing that stands out about the Kalloy UNO is how light it is. It’s made from 7075-AL aluminum and with titanium bolts comes in at 90g. Our UNO Kalloy stem is a very simple design free of logos, which makes it the perfect choice for people who want that stealth look.

Ride now inner tubes

The Tubolito alternative. No compromises.


Sustainable, performance engineered RideNow TPU inner tubes for road bicycles. The perfect combination of light, strong and fast. Made for rim brake and disc brake wheelsets.


We’ve now done thousands of miles on RideNow tubes and love how they perform. TPU has been shown to be more puncture resistant compared to other materials. Due to the lower rolling resistance and because a pair will save around 200g over regular tubes, we reckon this is one of the most cost effective upgrades you can make. 


“Your RideNow tubes are very good and from my point of view very easy to fit. I have used other brands, but these are better in that they appear a more consistent thickness and hold their shape better for fitting.” - Mike 

Hear stories from cyclists upgrading to TPU inner tubes. > link here.

Weight Weenie savings:

Weight weenies bike components

*compared to a typical part on a £1,500 bike.


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