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Kalloy UNO stem review - the holy grail of lightweight bike stems?

Kalloy UNO stem - lightweight alloy stem

The Kalloy UNO stem might be the best lightweight bike stem on the market.

We’ve been building bikes in our garage for the past five years for racing and touring around Europe and northern Africa. At some point after testing different parts and different prices the penny dropped and we realised that buying from established brands or paying high prices did not guarantee quality. Lots of shiny gimmicks. Some good. No guarantees.

We’re on a mission to find the very best lightweight bike parts at affordable prices and to share what we’ve discovered with others and build a lightweight cycling community.

Back in 2019 scrolling through Weight Weenies I came across this article. Lightweight enthusiasts were raving about this lightweight alloy stem called the Kalloy UNO stem. One user, Ishmael, praised the Kalloy UNO stem for being lightweight and strong. Another user, ‘yongkun’ described how he had used a Kalloy UNO stem for years and could also attest to its reliability. ‘Rudi’ went a step further describing the UNO Kalloy Stem as the holy grail of lightweight bike stems. Light, strong and cheap.

Kalloy UNO stem - lightweight alloy stem

User ‘Rudi’ posts on the Weightweenies forum. Is the Kalloy UNO the holy grail of bike stems?

I had to check out the Kalloy UNO stem myself. I initially bought one and put it on an early build in 2020 just before the pandemic and then bought on another project over the winter.

I have honestly been impressed. The first thing that stands out about the Kalloy UNO stem is just how light it is. It's made from 7075-AL aluminium (we’re not carbon or bust), which is a light-grade alloy. The 100mm version I put on my winter build weighs 104g. Weights can be quite abstract and relative, and it’s really only when you hold the stem in your hand that you appreciate just what a lightweight bike stem feels like. My brain screams “something this size shouldn’t be this light!”

But the Kalloy UNO stem isn't just lightweight. It's also strong. The stem has a two-piece faceplate that keeps it fixed to the handlebars. The aluminium feels very durable. I’ve now been riding with the Kalloy UNO for a few years and never had any issues with it feeling wobbly or unstable even on very lumpy gravel paths.

Then there’s the price. Another reason I love the Kalloy UNO stem is that it is affordable and I’ve been able to upgrade my bike without breaking the bank. Compared to other lightweight stems I have tried like the Deda Superleggero RS or the Zipp Service Course for me it offers much better value for money. Money I have found I’m better off investing elsewhere for example in upgrading to ultra lightweight TPU inner tubes.

Kalloy UNO stem - lightweight bike stem

Overall, for these reasons I feel like this is one of those very rare occasions where I’ve found the holy grail of lightweight alloy stems. It hits the mark on all fronts. It’s lightweight bike stem, it’s affordable and having put it through its paces is also strong. If you’re in the market for a super lightweight alloy stem I would definitely recommend you consider the UNO Kalloy stem.

If you’ve already tried the UNO Kalloy stem I would love to hear what you think. Drop me a line at

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