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How to choose the right bike stem size - which Kalloy UNO stem length do I need?

Kalloy UNO stem

The Kalloy UNO stem on Lukas's winter bike build

Okay. You want to upgrade to a lightweight alloy stem.

You know you want the Kalloy UNO stem.

Now it's just a question of stem size.

We'll walk you through in this short guide.

Choosing the right Kalloy UNO stem size is an essential part of setting up your bike so that it’s comfortable, performs and handles well. The stem links the handlebars to the steerer tube which has a massive affect on your position and angle to the handlebars.

Getting this right isn’t rocket science but there are a few factors you will want to consider to help you pick the right Kalloy UNO stem size.

When it comes to positioning stems vary in two different ways: length and angle.

1. Stem length

Stem length determines the distance between your handlebars and the steerer tube and should be the main thing you think about when choosing the right stem size. Generally, shorter stems (e.g. our 90mm Kalloy UNO stem) give you a more upright and comfortable riding position, while longer stems (e.g. our 110mm Kalloy UNO stem) will mean sitting in a more stretched out and aerodynamic way. Length also affects handling with shorter stems giving you more responsive handling and control over the bike while longer stems give you more stability and less snappiness.

2. Stem angle

The stem angle determines the pitch of the handlebars relative to the steerer tube. Stems can either be set at their positive or negative angle. The positive angle will give you a slightly more upright position whereas the negative angle will put you into a more aggressive riding position. Although there are many options out there when it comes to stem angle, most cyclists prefer a relatively neutral stem angle, typically somewhere between ± 6 and 10 degrees. For example, our super light Kalloy UNO stem (the holy grail of lightweight bike upgrades) is angled at ± 7 degrees. A solid middle ground.

To choose the right Kalloy UNO stem size for your bike a good starting point is to measure your current stem length and make adjustments based on your preferences and riding style.

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